Upcoming Workshops/Events:

at The Journey Within, Pompton Lakes, NJ

Meeting the Ancestors:
Lecture Series & Meditation

original oil painting by Janet Piedilato


KING ARTHUR: Polar star, warlord, king – Sunday April 23, 2017 1:30pm

ARIANRHOD: Lady of the Silver Wheel – Friday June 23, 2017 7:30pm

NU: Watery Depths of our Origin – Friday July 21, 2017 7:30pm

HEALERS: Gula, Imhotep, Ascpius – Friday Aug. 11, 2017  7:30pm

GRAIL: Cauldron, chalice, Holy vessel – Sunday Sept. 10, 2017 1:30pm

MERLIN: Sorcerer, shaman, teacher – Friday Oct. 20, 2017 7:30pm

HATHOR: Heavenly sky deity, loving Mother – Friday Nov. 3, 2017 7:30pm


With storytelling and guided imagery,                                                 

We shall paint alive our mythic beginnings.

In this mini-series we shall meet our ancestors as we travel to their places deep in the roots of our myths and folklore. These ancestors shall come alive as they awaken from their places in the past, reaching across time and space to demonstrate that they live on in us, in the very fabric of our being.  Come and meet them as they introduce themselves through storytelling and guided imagery.  Feel them sing to us not only of who they are but of their continuing relationship to each of us as we carry their heritage within us.

Come, hear, and enter into our stories:

  1. Arthur: Woven into the fabric of myth and fantasy, so deep are the roots of Arthur, polar star, great warlord, medieval king, Roman soldier. Arthur, the once and future king. Come hear his story, come meet the larger than life being who lives still in the depths waiting to return, to be our savior.
  2. Nu: From ancient Egypt and the land of the pharaohs: Enter the great Void, the watery depths of our origin, Nu. Come hear the story of our beginnings…From the watery depths beyond the tangible hear the story of Creation, of infinity.
  3. Healers: With creation came the pair of opposites, good, bad, beautiful ugly, health, illness. Thus were born the healing deities to aid the human journey towards relief. From Babylon with Gula, Egypt with Imhotep, Greece with Asclepius, the ancestral lineage of healing deities to aid, to guide, to teach us…come meet the healers. Come and feel their healing.
  4. Merlin, born of myth and magic, sorcerer, shaman, teacher of Arthur, adviser, wise sage, Merlin and his faithful companion, Archimedes wandering through the windows of time…
  5. Arianrhod: From the ancient Celts comes forward Lady of the Silver Wheel, Great Goddess of the Moon, She who turns the wheel of time. We feel the cycling of her spinning wheel, we sense the winds of change all around us…Come meet the primordial mover of time, Arianrhod.
  6. Grail, ancient cauldron of life and death, chalice of the savior, holy vessel, blood line of royalty. Which is it? And how is it present still today in our lives? Come and drink deeply of its mystery.
  7. Hathor: Arc of the heavens, Celestial Dome, She beyond name yet of 1000 or more names, from ancient Egypt she rises with her starry body covering our earth, eternally protecting the deceased as well as the manifest. Come meet her, Hathor, the celestial cow.

Each telling is new. For mythic truth defies dogmatic entombment. There is no “only version” for each myth arises and comes forward to a new generation of listeners. Thus our ancestors tell their story from a new point of view. They, like we, learn from the shifting tides of time and change. Together we move forward unfettered by the chains which would bind us to limited views beneath clouds of unknowing…. Beyond and beneath each telling is the wordless form which speaks the most deeply….for it is felt and understood…..that is the truth of it….Come and explore.  Enter the realm of the ancestors and share in their gifts. Feel, come and know them for they live not long ago in some dusty library of the past. They live today, here and now, dwelling in the heart of each of us.



at The Journey Within, Pompton Lakes, NJ

Accessing the Seven Directions:
Dreaming from Puzzle to Solution
Finding the Inner Light

We move into the waters depths of our dream mind to access the light of wisdom. In Accessing the Seven Directions: Dreaming from Puzzle to Solution we shall investigate our place in the center of all directions, working our way around the wheel alchemically investigating our ordeals and challenges, meeting them head on, ultimately dissolving them in the waters of the west, transforming them into the portal that opens to the East and to new beginnings. This is a powerful process that unfolds slowly during four stages. In the first stage we shall investigate the Center of All Directions where we shall find our non- ordinary dream landscape, a safe place from which we shall begin our dream journeys. During this first stage we shall also discover our individual Inner Teacher, our Dream Guardian of the Way who shall accompany us during these waking dreams of discovery. These are powerful waking dreams which shall greatly assist us in making the connection with our Unconscious All Knowing Supreme Intelligence. Making this connection, diving into the dream state to bring back to waking consciousness these revelations to work on with the waking mind shall empower us with a greater understanding of who we are and how we face our challenges. This process can repeated over and again to help us bring clarity to our life decisions.



at The Journey Within, Pompton Lakes, NJ


Summer Solstice, the longest day of light has long been celebrated by humankind. In ancient Egypt the raging heat of the sun was fêted by honoring The Sky Goddess Hathor praised as the female sun, the fierce lioness of heat filling the land. Through time, the ancient Greeks honored Cronus, agriculture god as they initiated the beginning of the Olympic Games on the Summer Solstice. In Rome festivals honored Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth. Vikings sought healing on this powerful day as they built bonfires and circled around them. Native Americans likewise performed sun dances and stone circles, honoring the power of the longest day. Perhaps the one civilization that most attracts the modern mind to ponder is the prehistoric people who built the great stone circle at Stonehenge. Perfectly aligned to accept the seasonal rising and setting of the sun, Stonehenge calls to our imagination, to marvel, to join with an ancient people who without modern technology built such a wonder. Our solstice ritual shall honor all people through and outside time, joining with each other as well as with those now dwelling in the Great Beyond of Eternal Life. Come and join us for an evening of healing and of mediumistic messages. Let us celebrate life everlasting as we tune into this powerful healing day of joy, peace, and stability.