Professional Services offered:

 As a minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a non denominational order honoring all traditions,  Janet offers her ministerial services to officiate at weddings, baby naming, and funerals as well as offering blessing ceremony for house and office dedications.
Baby namings : In line with the belief that babies are born pure and innocent without sin, the Baby Naming Ceremony is a beautiful ritual welcoming a new child into a family and a community of friends. It is a celebration of the newborn, bestowing both name and abundant blessings of love and support on the new member of the family. Each godparent plays a role in affirming duties of administering love, attention, warmth, and compassion along with laughter and understanding,  promising to be there to guide and foster the growth of their new godchild.
House and office blessings are conducted to honor our living and working space, asking for the Presence of Divinity to bless each day and every action which take place, each person who enters, and all activities which flow from the space into the world.  In these blessings we ask for guidance in all we do that sanctifies each action and each doer that home and/or office be an extension of the Great Plan of the Hidden Supreme Deity.
Private therapies available:
Shamanic healing work offered, not in place of traditional medical attention but in addition to appropriate conventional help.
Shamanic sessions:  These sessions produce deep relaxation, a state where tensions and stresses are minimized.  Depending upon the individual the shamanic sessions may vary. Please call for more information. 
Individual sessions on dream interpretation, relaxation therapy, regression, and shamanic journeying.